Mr. Olfman's experience extends to many areas of the law, including, alphabetically: contracts, copyrights, litigation, patents, power of attorney, some aspects of small business entities, trademarks, trusts and wills. He also can present seminars on the aforesaid areas of the law.

Mr. Olfman has successfully prepared and had filed patent and trademark applications in Canada, the States, Europe, Asia and Japan.

Mr. Olfman has successfully prepared and had filed copyright applications in Canada and the States, and can assist you in obtaining copyright registration in other countries which have copyright registration systems. Until very recently most other countries did not have copyright registration systems. To understand how a person obtains a free copyright in virtually all of the world's countries, read my article: "How Do I Get a Copyright?"

In addition, Mr. Olfman has many years of litigation/ dispute experience. He usually represents the individual or small business against the large corporation or government entity; however, when hired by a large corporation or government entity he has also represented them.  He has succeeded in most of his cases in Canada and in the United States.