Mr. Olfman's areas of experience include (alphabetically):

- Business Law
- business set up (incorporation, partnership or sole proprietor)
- contracts
- corporate books, meetings, minutes, resolutions, shares,
   shareholder agreements
- partnership agreements

- Intellectual Property Law
- copyrights (Canada, U.S.A., Europe, Asia, Japan)
- patents (Canada, U.S.A., Europe, Asia, Japan)
- trademarks (Canada, U.S.A., Europe, Asia, Japan)

- Litigation (ie. court work)
- all levels of court in Canada
- in U.S.A. Federal Court & State Court, usually as an advisor

- People Law
- civil rights
- constitutional law
- human rights

- Power of Attorney

- Real Estate
- caveats
- discharges
- house purchases/sales
- land transfers
- leases
- mortgages
- rentals

- Seminars on the Law

- Trusts

- Wills

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In legal disputes Mr. Olfman has succeeded for his clients in Canada and the States against individuals and against small and large corporations, including against some of the world's largest corporations.

Some of the large corporations that Mr. Olfman has defeated in legal battles are:

• Manufacturers Life Insurance Company;
• Microsoft;
• The Coca-Cola Company;
• Komatsu Corporation; and
• The Hudson's Bay Company

• In addition, Mr. Olfman won a civil case in the United States
  Federal Court of a type that had only been won 4 other
  times in the last 70 years, and which Canadian courts
  would not consider.

• If you have a good reason to want to look up any of the
  above cases we will provide you with the case number and
  court name and address so that you can read the court file.

• If you have legitimate questions about any other cases that
  Mr. Olfman has been involved in, you should ask him your
  questions, he can then provide you with the file numbers
  and court addresses, and tell you which of the court filed
  documents to look at so that you can learn the truth from
  the publicly available records.  In some cases the official
  judgment reports and media stories omit the most important
  of the facts and evidence that was presented to the court;
  which facts and evidence you can read in the court's files,
  but you will have to go to the court house to ask to see the
  whole file, or Mr. Olfman can provide them to you.

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