This is my search for code breakers.  Some people claim to be code breakers; some claim to have written code breaking programs.  Some think there are aliens with intelligence far beyond our own that spy on the Earth, and read everything included coded messages.

It is much easier to create a coded message than it is to break one; so I took the easy route and created one.  I put my message online.  It is on my website, but there is no link to it; however, you easily get to it without hacking my website as it is in plain view.  Of course, once you locate my message you will still have to break the code to read the message.

The message is a few lines from a poem I once wrote.  If you are a code breaker or an alien, once you have found the message and de-coded it, the message will tell you what to do next.

This page was put online in the Spring of 2018.  If my coded message is ever de-coded, I will post that information on this page; but I will not tell you who or what broke the code unless they authorize me to do so

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